EverQuest celebrates 18 years!

It’s been a wild an crazy ride, but here we are, 18 years later celebrating another year of EQing!

If you are not aware, from now until March 31, at 11:59PM (Friday) there is double XP going on and you can get a free level 85 heroic character for ever having played EverQuest.  So what does it mean that you get a level 85 heroic character? Well Daybreak outlines it for you here.  I wanted to take some time and write out my experiences with the 85 heroics.

First – I admit it, my poor hubby, instead of insisting on jewelry, outtings ect. what does he get stuck buying me to make me happy? Heroic characters *grins* I have experience with the EQ2 Heroics and WoW heroics.  Out of all of these types – Honestly for me the EQ Heroics had the steepest learning curve.  WoW nowadays you have a tutorial that add spell by spell and forces a spec upon you to learn in a closed off area.  EverQuest 2 will populate your bars with basic spells/abilities and takes you through a tutorial starter quest set to get you rolling.

EverQuest I was dropped into the Dream (House of Thule xpac) with my trusty merc with a single quest and a “Hey you want us to set up the bars for you?” to which I figured sure!  From here? I have to admit as returning (again…) this is where it got hairy.  Previously I had upped a beastlord and this time I decided to up my enchantress.  Well few mistakes here:

  1. Listening to folks talking in General, I realized, “Hey, why go Erudite when I can go gnome and get tinkering on my chanter!”
  2. If you delete a heroic 85 w/out backing up your plat, your marks, you are SoL.  Thankfully I have enough plat to get by it was an “Aw poop” moment but nothing too rough
  3. During this anniversary event until March 31 don’t like a heroic? No problem! Delete and remake! (JUST SAVE THE PLAT AND MARKS!)

So once again I am dropped into the Dream, this time as Hoshianna the super fashionable enchantress, platless and markless, but ready to take on Norrath!

EverQuest Gnome Enchanter

The enchanting gnome fashionita!


Probably the most painful shock for those who are used to games such as EQ2/WoW/Rift/etc. is pretty icon pictures that are descriptive from just looking at them.  EverQuest’s Actionbars and icons leave much to be desired in my book.  However, practice and reading – you get comfortable. Also it’s repetition too, know what the words mean and what spells they associate with.  At this point we only have a set of spell gems and then the rest are hotkeys from the AA window.  With my beastlord it took a lot of reading….re-reading, forum hunting, and drowning in lack of space on my hotbars and I’m pretty sure I’m doing most of it wrong still! LOL!

So overall, while EQ is the steepest learning curve for me to this date with heroic boosts, honestly once I got rolling (and my J5 Merc) House of Thule has been a wonderful playthrough, and I’ve gone to and explored so many different areas that I didn’t know existed and here I am now a level 89 beastlord, almost 90, getting ready to tackle VoA!

Happy Anniversary EQ!! May we have many more to come!


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