The Adventures of Wailing Critters!!

So a lot going on this week! Good Gravy!

WoW’s Patch 7.2 dropped and being a huge Pokemon fan, I decided to pause my EQ goodness and wander on over to check out the newest addition to the world of pet battling: Pet Dungeons.  Set up and queued for as a scenario – this solo dungeon whisks us away back to Wailing Caverns in the Barrens to revisit some oldies (yet smaller) friends.

You obtain the quest in Legion’s Dalaran to go to the NPC in Wailing Caverns and speak to them about pet troubles in the Caverns


Better call an Uber….

So once I got that hike over (alliance I feel for you!) I spoke with Muyani and was offered to queue for the dungeon and in return I’d get a free boost stone for one of my pets.  Cool!

Off I went into the scenario – The first version is very easy and allows players to heal between battles.  I would like to add here don’t rush through using a specific pet.  In my case, Lil XT carried my group to victory – and honestly I got very bored.

Now the second quest upon completing, the challenge, there is where well…the challenge lies!  NO healing of pets between battles and you really want to have an arsenal of pets to get you through – Including pets to heal the team as you are fighting.  Get out there and be the very best folks!

Overall – I like the idea, though it is much longer than say a mythic or LFR section…which makes it feel like it’s just block after block and I personally just didn’t feel all that engaged.  However, the storyline was absolutely fun and I did enjoy the first play through – just the imagining doing it over and over again kinda makes me go, “Meh :|”.

This is a great step to give pet battlers more to do in regards to further challenging themselves and their teams! I look forward to taking my minion army into other world dungeon versions as well.  My vote? I say go to Burning Crusade next!  I think the Underbog would make for a great Pet Battle Dungeon!!!

Finishing the challenge earns an achievement and your very own Skum!


So what pets are gonna help you on the path to victory?


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