Coming home – Getting started decorating in the Old World (EQ)

Hello again everyone! Since the double XP in EQ is winding down, and folks are settling into their heroic characters, I wanted to take some time and talk about my experiences coming back to EQ as decorator.  I got the decorator bug in EQ2, and pretty much every time I started on a new server, my first crafter was always a carpenter.

Actually, this was a bit of a shock coming back to EQ.  In EQ2, you level your tradeskills like you do your levels; however, you pick a specific profession (i.e. Carpentry for decorators).  From there you can make all your own house items (and honestly I suggest you do, gets expensive). However like EQ, when you get your home you can place, size, move, rotate, pitch, roll the object to your delight (and the delight of those who visit) which has led to some serious decorated houses and even so far as folks using the house as a shell and gutting the design inside.

Now to EQ – I was excited to begin to explore the decorating process in EQ; however, getting started? Well that was a bit of a shock.  The biggest differences for me was:

  • Buying a plot, then buying a 1-3 room home, placing the home and now having a yard to decorate as well!
  • Instead of a statue to access many prestige homes in EQ2, EQ deals in neighborhoods that can have both player houses and guild halls
  • Having to utilize multiple tradeskill tables to create furniture
  • TONS of plat on Furniture

Also getting started was just absolutely overwhelming.  Once I figured everything out though – I took off swimming! So to start either track down and talk to Secalna Galnor or head straight to the neighborhoods!


Teach me o wise one!

One thing to point out – Secalna offers a tutorial all about the housing in EQ – Where to go, how to get there, etc. If you are hurting for plat, this is a great way to get a 1 room starter home!  The biggest pro to the housing if not interested in decorating is the additional storage space, allowing the not often used items to be stored and leave room in the bank for the immediate need goodies!


Tree & Lamp not include but isn’t it adorable?!

Now you do have a second option, and that is just diving into a neighborhood and picking a plot and buying a house from the house vendor in the neighborhood right as you enter.  To get to the neighborhoods – you will want to go to the Guild Hall from PoK, and in there navigate past the guild listings to the off-hallway leading back to the neighborhood gate.


Upon arriving, click on the gate to open up the navigation window to look at the different neighborhoods.  Honestly this reminds me a lot of LotrO and FFXIV.  Now from what I understand there is a way in the Cash Shop to buy a guild specific neighborhood where only your guild hall can be and the plots are for guild members only.  With QCB being only of two members at the moment, I felt it really wasn’t necessary to do this at this point.


In the search window, you have lists of the neighborhoods and the guild – However the big thing I wanted to show folks new to housing in EQ is the plots for players and the Guild plots for Guilds.  71 for Players, 4 for Guilds!  Not sure where to FIND a place to put your roots – If you aren’t in a guild, I would use the Show and deselect “FullPPlots” to help guide choosing a neighborhood.  Once the neighborhood is selected, just click go and you are off to find your plot and place your house!

Having both the yard and the house itself to work with has been a real treat overall, really allowing me to expand my designs & ideas.  There are just so many possibilities at this point!  From here, now begins the fun, decorating!  Either creating your own through combines (which you can learn/get started with here!) or purchasing, the process of decorating becomes a lot of fun.  It is also very zen to me as well, figuring out creative ways to do designs with tables as rugs, and looking at the pieces from all different angles and figuring out what else can I do with these?

Coming back to EQ and experiencing the decorating here has been awesome! I love the options and process to creating designs (and I have a YARD!).  Having said that though…the lack of websites to help with the process, visual walk-through and content views lack 😦  I’m used to being able to plan room layouts out on EQ2 Decorators and websites such as that where I can see the items side by side, plan, figure out how many of X I need to do Y, etc.  Thus I hope to continue with my site here where it becomes a place with such assets for the decorator.


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