Your own piece of Norrath – House owning in EQ

So this is one of the first steps in helping folks who are either returning to Norrath or just discovered “Holy crap there’s housing in EQ?!”  Again, you have three ways to obtain a home:

  1. Tutorial (which is discussed in my video!)
  2. Loyalty Points
  3. House Vendor in your neighborhood

The tutorial freebie house is a great way to get your feet wet creating layouts and designing some basic layouts.  The actual layout of the house too has so much potential!


View from door entrance

The little sub-rise they added just really makes the division of the room a lot of fun!  Using walls and bricks a designer could really make a cute layout for relaxing in!


Back wall facing the door to exit


View from upper floor into the room

So I hope this post got some folks started and curious about housing and decorating in EQ – remember the house itself even gives you an additional 150 storage space in the Closet/Shed!

Happy decorating!



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