Quick Guide: How to install Maps for EverQuest

Hello again everyone and Happy Monday!  Today I wanted to start touching upon installing addons for EQ and also EQ2.  Many MMOs allow for users to install addons to either add to the game or actually change their interfaces completely.  From my previous post about You bought your plot and house now what? you may have noticed my UI in EQ doesn’t look like the ‘out of the box’ UI. So today we are going to start with install maps in EQ!

The EverQuests are pretty well known that not all zones have maps to help a player navigate.  For players who are used to having maps this can be really frustrating.  However, thanks to years of hard work by members of the community, EverQuest offers not only a website with maps but also a means to download and install these user-created maps.


Siri, Give me directions to Erudin Burning…

Brewall’s EverQuest Maps is my website of choice for getting my maps.  When visiting the site at the top of the page there is a link to download all maps up to EoK.  This will download as a .ZIP folder, which will have to be extracted into the maps folder in you EverQuest folder.

Here’s where often in game I see communication start to break down, and the less computer savvy begin to panic/get confused.  First, let’s locate where you installed your EverQuest folder at.  One thing folks forget about is the Cog tab on the launchpad that brings up a menu screen (NOTE: EQ can’t be running at the same time)


Clicking on the cog tab brings up another sub-set of links pertaining to your game.  For this guide you want to locate the “Open Game Directory” option and it will open an explorer window of the EverQuest folder!

gameDirLinkIn the explorer window locate the maps folder – This is where we will be copying and pasting the map files you downloaded from the zip folder!


Locate where you downloaded the .ZIP folder and right click on the folder and tell it to extract all.  It will want to put it in the same location with a new folder, just tell it OK.  Once the extraction is complete, open the folder and select all the maps.  Do a ctrl+c to copy or right click then copy and paste these files into your maps folder in the EQ folder.

Congrats! You are done! You should now close both windows and go back to the launch pad.  Click on the cog tab to close out the additional options and hit the play button to test drive your new maps!  I really hope this helps folks who are returning or who need a written walk-through on this process – Next up I’ll be talking about the UI itself in EQ and how to get your own and start rolling with those!


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