Beginner’s Guide: Installing a Custom UI

Today’s post I wanted to walk folks through how to install a custom UI in EverQuest.  Custom UIs can be a blessing and curse – On the one hand, they allow more information to be displayed and better information organization than a player can get with the base UI.  Conversely, a player needs to keep up with the updates to the UI, make sore to install said latest updates and for new players can be overwhelming.  I strongly encourage new EQ players stick to the base UI, learn the lay of the interface, what you need, don’t need, wish you had and THEN think about custom UIs.


First, you will want to download a new UI to use – I suggest checking out EQ Interface and looking through the different interface options.  My personal choice and the one you see in my screen shots and videos is the SparxxUI layout.  When looking at the preview images one thing to point out – developers will often open all the windows they can so folks can see what they are getting.

So you download your UI and it comes in a .ZIP folder, time to extract the UI and put it in the EQ interface folder.  If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, I take you through how to install the EQ maps and you can use the same method of getting to the EQ folder through the launcher.

Once in the EQ Folder, you are going to need to locate the folder called, “uifiles” and open it – and place the unzipped folder of the downloaded UI into the folder:


Got the folder in the uifiles folder? Great! Load up EQ and log into a character.  Bring up the options menu and go to the general tab and locate the “Load UI Skin” button.


From here a small window will pop up with a list of current UIs in the uifiles folder:


If unzipped correctly, the new UI should appear in your list and you can select it and load the skin.  The game may freeze up for a moment but then it should shift and your new UI should be ready for your own personal touch of positioning windows, etc.

So that’s it for EQ.  Honestly between the two EQs I find this version to be much easier in the installation process over EQ2.  However have no fear, we will be touching on installing UIs in EQ2 as well!  Hope this helps out folks returning or those that aren’t sure on how to install a custom UI in these games!


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