EverQuest’s Gem – Firiona Vie (RP Server)

Happy Monday everyone! Between illness, work, and just playing hard – I apologize for only having three posts last week.  I’d like to do five days but thinking that might be a little much – so make sure to sign up and follow me so you can get your alerts on when I do share 🙂  Anyways, onto the post!

With the passing of the 18th anniversary, seems like my server has seen a surge of new players.  On the EQ Reddit, I saw a post ([Firiona Vie] First Impressions) where they talked about the server – which is all fine and good!  I love we are getting advertised as a great place to start over and FV offers a TON for new/returning/rerolling players:

  • Much of the No-Trade gear on standard servers is tradable on FV
  • We also have a bonus to experience (I think this stems from waaaaaaaay back in the day when you could only have one character on FV)

These are huge IMO – I mean I don’t have to spend hours upon hours raiding and instead can count my CPs – also the bonus xp constantly is great to where I feel like when I do play a character I’m making progress! However from so many of the discussions I see, one thing everyone fails to mention and the whole reason I picked FV so long ago – it is the roleplay preferred server.

First, what is Roleplay preferred.  The idea was folks would role-play as their character and be in character when playing the game.  Also the whole “we got one toon”  – you and your avatar mattered.  What the avatar was known for, how you interacted with other players really added to the whole of the community.  Overtime, with the addition of the ability to have multiple toons on the server, word on the XP bonus and the tradable gear has brought in many non-RPers.

Additionally, when folks are talking about FV, they forget quite a few things that can be a turn-off to beginning players. The biggest shock to brand new players is yes, races speak in their native tongue and Elvish is considered the language of choice for communication in Guild, Group, Say, and Tells.  Going back to the old days, you’d have to find someone to spam chat you in Elvish to get the language.  You have options today though:

  • Yes, someone could group with you and spam tell you in Elvish to get you the language (If I am RPing in Crescent reach on my Enchantress, she is always happy to help new folks learn Elvish)
  • If you prefer to do it yourself, you’ll have to visit your class guildmaster and put a point into Elvish.  From here, hire a mercenary and then speak in group to your mercenary (make sure you set your language to Elvish by right-clicking on the chat field and going under Language)
    • When my guildy pointed this way out to me just about blew my mind! 😛

Also on the server it seems like a split on who is using the RP tag – Roleplay was two fold when I started playing on FV, however the majority of people used it to denote that they were actively in character.  I did not realize it at the time, but I also used it to hide the fact Qinwena is a cleric (Temp buff anyone?).  Nowadays, most seem to use it for privacy moreso than to say, “Hey, I’m in character”

There are still RP guilds out there on FV though, checking this morning Darfkires and House Illumine are still listed as recruiting, with Darkfires specifically saying hardcore RP.  QCB does light RP when hunting and interacting in Guild Chat, denoting the out of character (OOC) chat with the ol’ (( ooc here )).

So that’s the Firiona Vie server – don’t forget we still are listed as Roleplay, and there are many of us out there that still do RP :)!


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