Facts about Agnarr

Good morning and happy Friday everyone! 🙂 A lot has been going on in EQ and we are getting a new addition to the Progression server family: Agnarr, the PoP-Locked Server.  This is going to be an interesting one – Daybreak has said this server is going to be true-box and only unlock up to Legends of Ykesha (so we get Frogloks yay!) and then stop.

I think this is going to be a fantastic opportunity for oldies and newbies alike to experience EQ in its youth.  Lost Dungeons of Norrath (LDoN) was seriously my jam back in my younger years, I even remember doing them over and over for a whole day straight.  I was joking with my guildmate the other night, how in EQ youth, I was so new to MMORPGs (weren’t we all?) I mean my memories are LDoN and batwing crunchies.

Already on the official forums we do have threads about the life expectancy of the server – once all the expansions unlock every 12 weeks, then what?  For one I think there are many who loved that era, and will just play the heck out of it!  Think alts and epic 1.0s, alts and epic 1.0s everywhere!  Also the beauty of the server is I truly think it will be possible for folks to catch up.  So often I see on reddit and the official forums that folks wanted to get in on the progression servers but couldn’t be on day 1, or leveling for 24 hours the first day to stay with the curve, etc.   I really think that is going to be different on Agnarr, since we don’t have to get to 110.

That brings me to I’m hoping it will be a semi-casual server, with a long life expectancy.  Not that it won’t have raiding – but folks leveling alts and a healthy curve of folks at all different levels.  LDoNs were great for churning out levels from what I remember, so I think that will help for those that cannot be online out of the gate on May 24.

So the big question is: What is Hoshi going to play on Agnarr? Which is a fantastic question – I’ve been seriously leaning towards remaking my cleric as a paladin (from how I wrote her RP background, I honestly think she should’ve been a paladin out of the gate).  So I might make her over again on Agnarr and maybe try my hand at tanking.  I mean, how hard can it be? (<-Famous last words)  Overall though I will be staying on FV mainly because I like decorating and I like the mercs, etc. Also I still have so much freaking content to get through (I’ve only just bumped up against VoA).  Too much to do and too little time 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed learning more about Agnarr – I’ve also included a handy-dandy infographic you can pin up on your fridge and/or share with your friends 🙂  Stay tuned as I take a look at EverQuest 2’s new Progression server – Fallen Gate

AgnarrPop-Lock TLP


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