Agnarr – Weekend 1 in the Books!

*eyes fly open and Hoshi sits up and looks around*

Who, wha? Where I am? What happened? WHY AM I USING A DEAD RAT AS A PILLOW?!?

Ahhhh Agnarr, finally the newest progression server of the EverQuest Family released on Thursday.  With the standard 4+ queue of trying to get into the server as well.  So sadly, I started a day later than I liked.  Amazingly, no one claimed any forms of my “Hoshi” name and I was well on my way as a High Elf Paladin.  Once my character was created it was off to the Newbie Yard in Greater Faydark, and It. Was. Glorious.  Corpses, corpses everywhere!

So far my thoughts/feelings on Agnarr – For starters, I think we are still in the honeymoon phase.  With being treated to Bonus XP for the Memorial Day weekend there was tons of groups to be had, trades skilling, and outfitting of all characters.  I had the pleasure of rolling with a fantastic Crushbone group, and realizing I had been in Crushbone in EQ2, but never EQ (Wow that throne room is so much smaller!).  This was my only 2am evening where I logged out to glares from a very angry kitty on my bed, “I will still get you up at 7am to feed me >:(!”  That was also (probably) the last time of staying up until 2am for probably the duration of the server lol!

There were a lot of folks who not only pounded out levels prior to the bonus xp, but during as well.  I personally have now seen two Vox kill announcements on the server so far; however, it’s not a top heavy server yet by any stretch of the imagination!  I am quite proud of myself that I made it to level 17 on my paladin, with stops to take in sites, farm for crafting and even started on a few alts (my monkey and druid).

So I guess after the first weekend, although this is a pay to play server, so far I’ve met nice folks, good company, and really have no regrets committing my time to this server.  As a casual player I also like that the xpacs unlock every three months, so I feel like I have a shot at having at least one character at max level.  I’ve been there and done that as far as the race to end game in other MMOs, but EverQuest has always been that one game to me that I just sorta mosey along and no rush.  If you were on the fence about Agnarr and paying it’s great to see how many people are playing, and if PoP/LDoN were your jam – it seems like a great place to be!


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