Where to begin…

I’m a 33 yo gamer from Pittsburgh PA who loves to play all things video games.  It all began when I was little and my parents attribute it to Charlie Brown’s ABCs on the Apple IIe when I was three.  I blame the 8-bit NES and early games including Castle Wolfenstein that led to my love of games.

When I’m not romping around in Virtual worlds, I’m working as a college instructor in Multimedia who is finishing her Dissertation (Have data, will compute!).  I love teaching college students and introducing them to new ideas and helping them hone their creativity and prepare them for the workforce.  I think it also helps that my students have a teacher they can turn to who won’t judge them.

When I’m not playing games or working/working on the diss, I like to knit, color and do real world ranger things.  Archery and knitting have become a real zen for me, and I enjoy also coloring, cooking and reading!

Overall I hope to ramble here in my blog and share my likes and dislikes, and create a space for EQ decorators to find more information, preview what is available to them in terms of houses and items.  🙂

Game on folks!