Quiet Coffee Break – FAQs

So after discussing with my other member at the moment, we’ve agreed to open the doors of the QCB.  However, I wanted to put out there additional information and answer some questions about what/who I think is a good fit for the guild.  We are located on Firiona Vie (RP Preferred) EQ server.

What brought on making a guild like Quiet Coffee Break?

Personally, I’ve always like smaller guilds.  I don’t shy away from a quiet night of going somewhere with my merc or tradeskilling.  Likewise, I also enjoy being able to group up and explore content.  But returning again to EQ – This is a tough game! Seriously! My buttons didn’t have pretty pictures, and I was lost.  To that extent, I’ve never really grouped yet because of the fast pace through the content, the grinding and feeling like I need to know what I’m doing.

With that comes the anxiety of screwing up, being on chat and ridiculed, etc. As I said, if the thought of a voice chat makes your palms sweaty, or you aren’t confident in your abilities but want a non-judging environment, that’s what QCB wants.

Do you raid? Are you going to raid?

No.  At this point with my guildy and myself it’s more exploratory, and having an environment where it’s ok to say “No thanks, I just wanna do my own thing tonight” with no judgement or pressure.

What are the activities of the guild?

Now, with more folks, I’d love to shoot for:

  • More RP.  Currently in chat we do Light RP denoting OOC with (( )).  I’d like to have specific nights of running LDoNs or other content with an overlying RP storyline
  • Alt Nights.  I’m love my alts.  However I have never tanked before, but I want to try it in a group – I want alt nights that are non-judgmental and folks can test the waters of classes they were nervous to try!
  • Epic help and current content.  On the big kid side of things – Working on tasks or Heroic Adventures together and seeing what there is to see.  Also experiencing the epic storylines as well!

What type of folk are you looking for?

All levels of knowledge, classes and adventure level for the avatar.  On a personal level looking for folks who treat the game as a game, and it’s ok to have real life happen.  Just be a nice person is the best I can say, no hate speech, derogatory comments, etc.   That’s the type of stuff that will get you the boot!  Also this is an older guild, at least 30+ in age.

Overall, if you feel like you meet these requirements, feel free to drop Qinwena a line on FV to chat more/get to know us.  I know just getting over the hump of sending a message can be daunting but I hope you reach out to us, I think you know who you are!